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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is the hour...

This is the 'hour of the Sacred Heart.'  At this critical time in history, we have been charged with enthroning the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Enthroning the nations, your family, workplace, seminaries and neighborhoods is the key to building a 'civilization of love.'  Are you willing to accept this invitation?  By doing so, you are actively participating in God the Father's Divine Will for the world.  Will you say yes?


  1. Looking forward to the first World Congress! It should be a great event for all...

  2. HOPE IS ON THE WAY...............

  3. Can you explain exactly what happens in a home enthronement and what it is?

  4. Individuals, families, communities, churches, institutions and civil entities are encouraged to enthrone the Sacred Heart. Why? The author of life, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Word made flesh made many promises to St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque (1673-1675) to those who would honor His Divine Heart. One of those promises states: "I will bless every dwelling in which an image [picture or statue] of my heart is both exposed and honored." Individuals, families and groups are asked to invite our Savior into their homes, schools, churches and facilities as their intimate Friend as their Divine Guest. The condition of exposure is met by placing the image of his person in a prominent and most public place. That image shows His heart with symbols of his passion such as a crown of thorns around his heart, an incision in His heart from the spear of Longinus, an imbedded cross, and fire and rays of Divine Love emmanating from his heart. The second condition is honoring his heart, the symbol of His very Person, infinite Love. During the Ceremony, the person or persons involved make a covenant of love with Jesus which is a small return to Him for His continuing love for us. In the covenant prayer, the person(s) renew their baptismal commitments to love God and reject Satan. In essence to fullfil the Two greatest Commandments, loving God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves. This special place in the home or facility can be the gathering place for intimate prayerful sharing by one and all with our loving God. His abundant blessings will flow.

  5. There is nothing more powerful than the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The enthronement places the dwelling under the protection of this love and keeps us mindful of the primacy of our relationship with Jesus in our everyday lives.

  6. Why is this not made more clear in your website? It should be prominently set forth exactly what you do to Enthrone your home. You should not have to hunt for this info.

  7. My spouse and I were married on Thanksgiving Day in 1956. Our first son was born in April of 1958. We very very perplexed come 1961 that a second child had not yet been conceived.

    While attending a special presentation at Loyola in Los Angeles, the speaker mentioned about great favors bestowed when the Heart of Jesus was honored in the home through the action of Enthroning a Sacred Heart image and expressing our intention of living as he desired. We approached our pastor for assistance. He told us that he did not have to be present. He gave us a booklet called "Thy Kingdom Come." It presented the catechesis of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and a ceremony for making a covenant of love with our Lord. We procured a matching pair of statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We had planned to place ouselves under her Queenship in addition to her Son's Kingship.

    As suggested in the booklet of instruction, we invited our closest friends to witness this event which we held on the Feast of the Transfiguration, August 6, 1961. Nine months and 8 days later our second child, a boy, was born. Praise God! He was faithful to His promise.

  8. It was a few days before Christmas. Christmas week I arrived in Ireland Christmas week my job was to cook the turkey and ham, the famous Christmas dinner for the two uncles. One uncle a retired farmer single the other a gentle soul blind from birth. Uncle john had his annual card game in the town the prize a live goose. This was a big event for a small farming village ironically , the home of St Killian. I drove Uncle John in the town to his game and all his friends were in the pub. The place was a buzz; the excitement of Christmas was in the air and the crack was pretty good, there was Nora with her Christmas cake 2nd prize to Uncle Johns Goose (Cranston’s Goose; he adorned a big red bow, poor thing!) ... I stayed behind a bit then for some reason urged to go home back to Uncle Luke. It was one of those gut feelings you just can’t shake. It just keeps at you. It feels like a nip on your ankles of a pup, discovering the back of your pant leg.

    When I arrived in the house Uncle Luke was in his usual spot at the kitchen table by the radio a banging away in the background, Irish radio is always full of music poetry, news, deaths, and at this time of the year Christmas stories of years gone by. We had a cup of tea and a sandwich.

    Uncle Luke then decided to wander up the stairs to his room. I sat by the cooker looking up at Granny's Sacred heart picture, probably given to her as a wedding gift... below the picture was a perpetual electric red bulb that never goes out, with an illuminated cross. I prayed to the scared heart and found great comfort I had
    Just had the light fixed just in time for Christmas! Knowing now the Scared Heart would again take good care of my Uncles when I headed back to America.

    Upstairs I heard Uncle Luke in a great roar shout to me get water! Fire.
    My blind Uncle was attempting to put out a chimney fire in his bedroom fireplace!
    I was astonished to see how accurate in his aim with the water and how calm he seemed, while I was terrified. My Uncle Luke who through a great faith and good sense put the fire out.

    Apparently The Jack Doves built a nest in the chimney, early spring. I feel the scared heart not only saved the house and protected us but also urged me to come home so to help Uncle Luke put out the fire! Thank Most Scared Heart of Jesus. Believe

  9. In preparation for the this beautiful congress, Our Lady's Tears Productions produced a 16 min movie short on the Mystical Revelations of the Sacred Heart. view movie clip:

    In Christ

    David James

  10. I just learned about this website from your post on My family and I enthroned the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our home in October of 2010. You can read about our experience here:

    Thanks for this great website and for spreading the word about the wonders of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

  11. So many people believe their homes are enthroned to the Sacred Heart by simply placing a picture on the wall. Countless young people remember seeing the picture of the Sacred Heart on the walls of their parents and grandparents; unfortunately, the understanding of this image is non-existent with many families. It's time to learn about the significance of enthroning one's home to the Sacred Heart.


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